Monday, November 27, 2006

Border Vigilante Found Guilty

On Wednesday, Roger Barnett, a border vigilante, was found guilty in the civil trial that stemmed from an October 30th, 2004 incident.
Roger Barnett, his wife & brother, stopped Arturo, Ronald, Vanese, & Angelique Morales & a friend of theirs while out on a hunting trip. Upon finding the group on land that Barnett leases for grazing livestock, Barnett yelled racist obsenities & pointed his AR-15 assault rifle at the 3 young girls (ages 9 & 11) & 2 men & threatened to kill them.
All hunters were Americans of Mexican decent. After testimony from other hunters who had previously been assaulted & yelled racist obsenities at by Barnett, he was ordered to pay $ 98,000 to the plaintiffs!

And the Minutemen would like you to believe this isn't about race.

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