Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bush Appoints Contraceptive-Hater For Chief of Family Planning Program!?

The Bush administration has just appointed a new Chief of family-planning programs at the Department of Health and Human Services.
The new Deputy Assistant Secretary for population affairs will advise Secretary Mike Leavitt on things such as adolescent pregnancy & reproductive health. This position oversee's $ 283 million in annual family-planning grants that are designed to provide access to contraceptive supplies & information to anyone who needs & wants them.
So why the HELL would the Bush administration appoint Eric Keroack???
Keroack is a medical director of A Woman's Concern, a non-profit Chrisitan group out of Massachusetts, & an obstetrician-gynocologist.
Keroack also opposes contraception, refuses to distribute information promoting birth control, & supports sexual abstinence.
Marilyn Keefe, interim President of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association has said that Keroack's work "seems to really be geared toward furthering anti-choice, anti-contraception policies."
This is further proof that Bush is totally out of touch with reality & on a clear path to deny women not only the right to choose what to do with their own bodies, but to keep birth control & STD control unavailable to them.
A Women's Concern, the Chrisitan pregnancy-counceling organization that Keroack is Medical Director for, regards the distribution of contraceptives as "demeaning to women". The group also supports abstinence until marriage, opposes contraception & will not distribute any information on birth control at it's 6 centers in Massachusetts.
Their website states that distribution of birth control is "adverse to human health and happiness"!!
Asked if Keroack's transition to a federal program where provison of birth control is an intregral part, President of A Woman's Concern, Mark Conrad said, " I don't think it's going to be an issue for him".
Are you fucking kidding me?? After reading this I immediately scrolled to the source of this article to make sure it wasn't from 'The Onion'!!
One more reason that the White House must be fully exterminated of Republicans come 2008! We cannot afford to have people & ideologies like this in federal agencies as important as Family-Planning & Health.
This appointment did not require Senate confirmation, which is why we need a President in '08 that is anything BUT a Republican.
Bush promised bipartisanship after the recent elections, but this is just the opposite.
Once again, Bush injects his religious, Neo-Con, conservative, jurassic beliefs into this country's federal agencies, at the expense of all women.
Make sure this stops by voting against ALL Republicans in 2008. If your a woman, stand up for yourself & fellow women! These are your rights at stake--save them by voting out all Repugs in 2008!