Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lessons From Our Comrades In Oaxaca

This video is of the events in Oaxaca on November 2nd in front of the University of Oaxaca. The federal police were trying to break in & destroy the radio station, the people's main line of communication with each other. The entire town came out to defend this, fighting back & winning an amazing victory that we here in the United States should learn from.
The people of Oaxaca are not sheep. They refuse to stand by while a corrupt Governer resides in THEIR town. They want him removed. He refues to go. Therefore, the brave people of Oaxaca stand their ground & refuse to be ignored & bullied by their goverment.

*In this video, you first hear the voice of radio Oaxaca calling for citizens to come out & form barricades around the University to protect the radio station. Saying, "We cannot allow this important voice to be lost."
*You watch, as the people respond, creating barricades.
*You will watch as a man & woman scold the federal police & appeal to them as fellow Mexicans with families, reminding them that they are no different than the people in the streets that they are attacking.
*Watch as police helicopters drop tear gas onto the crowds & into the University.
* Watch as the people of Oaxaca reclaim their streets in victory.