Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Save Our State Hate

Upon review of Save Our State's website forum, where member's post comments, etc, I found some very disturbing, hateful speech. This talk does WONDERS for their "cause".

Here's what they say regarding Halloween:

" We might not be able to check the legal status of illegal aliens at the polls. But we sure can ask for proof of citizenship of all Trick or Treaters before we give them any candy."--Citizenparker 10/17/06

" I am going in "brown face" as an illegal alien. Wearing a Viva Mexico shirt and some dirty jeans and a hair net and I am going to call every white person I see a "bitch" and a "racist" and talk leek theeese, esee!!"--IronCross 10/31/06

" I just answer the door in my La Migra costume. It scares the snot out of them & they never come back. For the past 2 years I've watched the same group work the neighborhood but walk by my house without stopping."--Esteban de Aztlan 10/17/06

" We get Mexicans by the van load here, large groups of ADULTS come to the door without any children & expect candy, no costumes, they dont even say Trick or Treat. And they speak no english, of course. It's just one more American tradition that the culture of Mexico has ruined."--george haydukke 10/19/06

" I have a special batch of "candy" drying out in the backyard right now. I have to thank my two dogs for making the "candy". I'll still give regular candy to the really small illegal alien kids, they dont know any better. As for the teenagers & adults, dried dog candy."--Esteban de Aztlan 10/19/06

" I'm trying to bribe the grounds keeper at a local cemetary to program the sprinklers to come on in the middle of Dia de los Muertos. It would make a great Amazing Racist video..."--Esteban de Aztlan 10/19/06

" I know the feeling as we gave up on the candy as truckloads of illegals would be driven up from El Monte (illegal alien sanctuary) to Arcadia for candy. "Trick or Treat" seemed to be the only English these kids learn at school.--Dawes 10/19/06

" Why dont you print out a logo of the SOS or Minutemen onto an iron-on-transfer then iron-on the logo onto a children's size t-shirt. Pass those out to the little illegals."--IronCross 10/23/06

This makes me sick. These are little kids we're talking about, out to celebrate a holiday! And how the HELL can you tell if any of these children are " Illegal"??? And to even suggest that you will desecrate a gravesite of a families loved ones on a holiday to honor the dead is beyond disgusting!!!

Here's what they say regarding the murder of IndyMedia reporter, Brad Will in Oaxaca:

" Not sure where you put articles, for one of our opponents got whacked by the people they are trying to save."--Dawes 10/29/06

" Tough crap for him, what did he expect? To be a toughy like he and his goon troop act when they confront those who they disagree with in the states. Guess what, he bought the farm and good riddance to him. More of his indy goon troop should go down to Mexico and follow his lead."--A Floridian 11/1/06

" That's what happens in Mexico when you yell "Nazi racist" and "KKK go home". The Indy Media morons here dont know how good they have it."--Bowman 11/1/06

First off, the racist assholes of SOS obviously have no clue as to the happenings in Oaxaca, or the manner in which Brad Will was killed. He wasnt killed by those he was "trying to save", he was killed by right-wing paramilitaries supporting the goverment, while filming the story. This is no way to talk about a person who was brutally murdered.
Once again, Save Our State displays their rampant racism against those of Mexican descent. I thought they were just against "illegal immigration" from all races??? I think we all can see THAT is just a front to preserve their racist, anti-Mexican organization. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.