Wednesday, November 08, 2006

S.O.S. Founder Loses School Board Election!

Joseph Turner, founder of the racist anti-immigrant group Save Our State (S.O.S.) (pictured above) ran for San Bernardino City Unified School Board member in California this election &.....LOST!!!!!
Turner received a pathetic 11.09% of the votes (4,305), while Lynda K. Savage sailed to victory.
Joseph Turner was hoping to implant his racist ass onto the school board in hopes that he could deny the children of immigrants, which he calls "anchor babies", equal rights in school. But, it looks as if the people voted to keep racism out of our schools!
Mysteriously though, some comments left on the S.O.S. website forum regarding Turner's upcoming "victory" have disappeared! Just days ago, S.O.S. members, including Turner himself, were openly discussing a post election victory get-together after this Saturday's Maywood 2 protest. That's right, S.O.S. failed to learn it's lesson the first time around (they're a little slow), so this Saturday they plan to invade the city of Maywood once again. The people of Maywood will be ready, no doubt.

Sidenote: Loretta Sanchez beat anti-immigration candidate Tan Ngyuen in the Orange County race!!!!

Poor S.O.S has had real shitty luck this election! First their leader Turner loses, then their anti-immigrant Nguyen gets beat out by Sanchez, a proponent of amnesty! Plus the Democrats win big in the House & Senate!

Hopefully S.O.S. will follow the Republicans down in flames!