Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tancredo Calls Miami a "Third World Country"

Full-time racist, part-time Congressman, Tom Tancredo has told an online news site that Miami Florida "has become a third world country".
Recently, Tancredo visited Florida to attend Restoration Weekend, a gathering of conservative activists. Afterwards, he told the online news site, "Look at what has happened to Miami. It has become a Third World country. You just pick it up and take it and move it someplace. You would never know you're in the United States of America. You would certainly say you're in a Third World country."
Tancredo's comments had Miami Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen reacting quickly, but in my opinion, not hard enough. She called Tancredo "flat out wrong", but then went on to offer him an invitation to Florida.
"I invite my friend, Tom, to visit beautiful Miami, my hometown, and experience firsthand our hospitality. Come on down, Tom, the water's fine!"
Tancredo, who chairs the House Immigration Reform Caucus & backed the fence along the Mexico border idea, said Monday in an email that his comparison was based on crime statistics that he believes "are deeply rooted in the immigration debate".
So Tancredo thinks that the majority of crime committed in the United States is done by non-Americans, immigrants.
And although Tancredo mentions in his email that the number of homicides in Miami county reached 200 for the year, he FAILS TO MENTION that the number has actually DECREASED since the 1980's.
Tancredo goes on to expose more of his ridiculous racist thoughts by saying, " Moreover, the sheer size and number of ethnic enclaves devoid of any English and dominated by foreign cultures is widespread. Frankly, many of these areas could have been located in another country. And until America gets serious about demanding assimilation, this problem will continue to spread."
And this asshole may run for President in '08! If he ignorantly decides to persue that idea I will happily join the millions who will laugh his ass all the way back to Colorado, for racists have no place in the White House, or any goverment position.