Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mel Gibson's Twisted Version Of The Maya

Mel Gibson's latest film "Apocalypto", depicts the Maya as blood-thirsty, primitive people that deserved the countless atrocities committed against them.
Gibson, himself, has committed a racist act by making this movie.
The very impoverished lives that most Mayans live today are not due to the "excesses of their ancestors", as stated in an ABC segment about "Apocalypto" with Gibson. The truth is, the same religious, goverment, military, & corporate institutions who systematically took Indian lands & destroyed their culture here in the States, have also had a hand in the demise of the ancient, as well as the modern, Mayan people.
By making this biased film, Gibson has entered into a pretty fragile cultural situation, & may very well destroy what historians & indigenous people have built.
As with the Native American's struggles, the indigenous people of Mexico, South America, & Central America, still struggle to regain & preserve their culture, languages & lands.
The ABC segment about the film implied that converting to Christianity was the cure for the Maya's "blood-thirsty" ways. This is false, for even currently the Mayan people have been invaded by Missionaries, which they have been for over 500 years.
To justify atrocities against the indigenous, people like Gibson have historically looked for ways to portray them as less than human, or animalistic.
In Chiapas, Mexico, home of the EZLN & many indigenous people, Maya communities are occupied by the corrupt Mexican goverment, with alot of help from the United States. A huge portion of the region's resources are taken from the Maya to either put into your Starbuck's cup, or generate electrical power for the rest of the country. Yet, the Maya in Chiapas are without electricity or running water themselves.
The Maya suffer the most severe prejudice of any ethnic group in Mexico. The Maya are often depicted as murderous, unintelligent, violent people. Mel Gibson has obviously accepted this stereotype in "Apocalypto" & wishes to spread the false & negative stereotype worldwide.
How will a movie that depicts the Maya as such murderous primitive's impact their current struggles, work, image, lives, & the perception of them? Will Gibson's film have any impact on the people in power that make Maya policy in Mexico & South/Central America? Due to the vast array of ignorance in the world, I believe it can.
Shame on Mel Gibson for making this movie, & quite possibly making the Mayan's & other indigenous peoples lives, all the more worse.

Make this an opprotunity to learn more about Mayan struggles & current indigenous struggles throughout the America's.

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